Light Side Team s.r.o. is a company specializing mainly in international and domestic trade. At the heart of its strategy and operation are the needs of our partners; our goal is to find and implement the most advantageous solution for them.

Our company can provide stable business and competitive commercial services in two ways:

1. From a business point of view, as a contributor:

As a contributor, our partners have the opportunity to buy directly from manufacturers and traders after selecting the appropriate international trade area through consulting and market research. In that case, we will charge a percentage of the intermediary-collaborator fee depending on the agreed consulting and cargo value as well as the degree of complexity.
2. From a commercial point of view, as a supplier:

As a supplier, we handle the import of products selected based on partner needs, from order to home delivery (Door To Door). In that case, we will charge an agreed percentage handling cost for the import costs.

In addition to intermediary and supplier activities, in order to meet the widest possible range of market needs, we also offer consumer goods for daily use in the household from our own stock.

We sell the products we import and distribute through wholesalers and retail networks, thus delivering them to end users. For our partners, we can provide flexible payment terms and continuous discount prices from our constantly expanding product range. Multi-, macro- and micro-enterprises can benefit from our talent and active participation.

We also support the recognition of the most effective and state-of-the-art solutions for our business and commercial services. In all cases, the most important thing is to prevent possible problems and to deal with difficult situations flexibly, since effective cooperation between the parties is a condition for successful completion. Our goal is mutually profitable growth resulting from such cooperation - in our opinion, this is the basis of lasting success.

Light Side Team s.r.o. is a direct import-export channel connecting international trade relations, through which our management and employees always strive to make our name a guarantee for our business partners' future commercial success, because your success is our greatest reward!

If our brief introduction piqued your interest, continue studying our website and feel free to contact our staff member with any questions you may have at one of the contact details provided.